Although our core competency is liquidating real estate, The Maraia Group offers additional services to help bring the estate closer to a final settlement.


Relationships with local estate sale facilitators & professional organizers

Many families are emotionally frozen - unsure of what to do with their loved one's belongings given their sentimental value.
Organizing and selling of these possessions is often an obstacle in bringing the estate closer to final settlement. When the need arises, The Maraia Group can refer you to appraisers and other professionals that will sell the late homeowner's possessions in the most efficient and dignified manner.
The estate may also realize tax advantages by donating possessions to charity. Check with your tax professional.


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What you can expect by working with The Maraia Group at Coldwell Banker Realty


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Property evaluation, estate documents, attorney referrals.


Pre-listing, clean-up, fixing, staging & marketing strategy.


Probate paperwork, deadlines and procedures.


Reviewing offers and negotiations.


Between legal teams, buyers, multiple beneficiaries.


Exposure to brokers, agents and qualified buyers.


From start to finish, A-Z, listing to closing.


Navigating the complexities of the probate process.

Why You Need a Probate & Trust Real Estate Specialist

Probate is a court-regulated and often complicated series of steps that must be carefully monitored and managed. Legal deadlines are unforgiving, the documentation is very unique, and the court’s oversight must be adhered to throughout the marketing, negotiation, and contract period.

Even if the real estate is held in one of Florida’s recognized trust instruments, and court involvement may not be necessary, it’s important to remember that these types of real estate transactions also require expertise.

Persons who are appointed as trustees or administrators of a trust have specific duties under Florida law. It is, therefore, beneficial for these persons to hire an attorney who has experience handling matters related to Florida trusts, estate planning, and other estate document preparation in general, as well as the administration of such legal documents. The Maraia Group has a 23 year combined experience of selling properties in Trust Administration situations, and can refer you to a respected attorney with such specialization.

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Probate Guide: An Executor's Role and Responsibilities
Trust Administration Guide: Prior Planning Prevents Problems

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